Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dry & Heavy LANDING!

LOVE DRY & HEAVY!!! thanks to everyone listening in to tonight's VARIATIONS and DUBside of VARIAITONS!! Keep the Benevolent Buzz going! Be sure to share it with those you meet .... Thanks and Praises!

Yabby YOu DUB IT TO THE TOP! plus mix

Here's a little mix of Yabby You including DUB IT TO THE TOP!!!

Give the little man a GREAT BIG DUB!!

YES!! to the TOP!!

Jackie Mitoo! One Step Forward!

ONE Of the BEST!!

Serge Gainsbourg DUB!! love it!

Toi DUB from Serge Gainsbourg!! excellent

Mafia All Stars & King Tubby -- (I'm alright)

Excellent DUB VERSION!!

Dubmatix! feat. The Mighty Diamonds

Love this!

Bunny Wailer -- KEEP ON DUBBING!!


Alpha & Omega Pure and Clean


Djosos Krost!! Better Place feat. Tuco

LOVE Djosos Krost music creations  & TUCO!

the Journey within ....

Taken from this album Give Em Enough Dope a beauty jazz dub track:  The Journey Within (Pre-emptive Dub)

Buju Banton -- DUBBING WITH the BANTON!!

YES I!! Give I Strength!

ev3rsun DUB track....Come on!

Great dubs from this electronic music producer: Ev3rsun --

DUBside of VARIATIONS starts off with....

DON'T GIVE UP!! Lee Scratch Perry dubbin' Bob Marley

JaFU - Add to Cart EXCELLENT DUBStep Eelectro album

Be sure to check out this debut album from JaFU!! Really love it! heavy's link to his Soundcloudpage:

Friday, November 23, 2012

El Sonido Magico from the Empresarios!!

Playing the title track from the latest release by the Empresarios!

Z.A.M. AFrica Freedom GREAT TUNE!!

Wonderful TUNE!!

New from Lindstrom

Not the track I played but still cool!!


Played this lovely piece of meditative WONDERLAND:

Aeropsia: latest from new release of LOST IN STATIC

Wonderful creations from Aeropsia here on their new album release LOST IN STATIC:

Bon Iver a Zed Deads Remix of WOODS

Excellent remix of WOODS:

Dreams!! Taken by Trees

Love this too....


Love this new album from Submotion Orchestra-- here's Blind Spot

Theoretics: HARKON

A hip hop instrumental from the EP by Theoretics: Plenty of Anything -- Harkon:


Next on the set:

Soft WASP the Frequency

Dropping next the free friday download from SOFT WASP -- the FREQUENCY:

Purity RING starting off VARIATIONS with Crawlersout!

Starting off VARIATIONS with latest by Purity Ring: Crawlersout!


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Featuring some new and unique tracks tonight!! TUNE IN!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Abyssinians - Thunderstorm (Satta Massagana)

FAVE artists! FAVE song!  they changed my entire thinking of DUB and roots reggae! many thanks many blessings! Thanks to everyone listening in tonight to KBCS 91.3FM  HAVE A WONDERFUL weekend and week!

Keep the benevolent buzz going and be sure to share it with your friends and family!! PEACE -G

The Mighty Diamonds - King Kong

YEOW! One of my faves from the Mighty Diamonds!! Check it...they coming to Seattle Dec. 8th! Nectar Fremont

Brinsley Forde & Digitaldubs - Your love is overdue

Amazing deep groove DUB reggae tune! love it OVERDUB love!

Groove Corporation - Peacetime.wmv

Excellent version tune! PEACETIME we need it! CHOOSE PEACE everyday!

The African Brothers meet King Tubby - Party Dub

Almost missed this wonderful creation! Party this weekend and week my friends! Give into the good groove!

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Truth & Right Dub

One of the most spiritual performers from the roots reggae dub tradition! RAS MICHAEL & the Sons of Negus.  Listen! RESPECT!

Winston & the New Establishment - Creation Version

here's a New Establishment tune featuring Winston Jarrett off the same album I played Never Give Version ...Check this collection out IT IS EXCELLENT!! thanks Alex Grande for adding it to my collection of DUB!

✵ Natty Supper ✵ Chantells ✵ Supper DuB ✵

SWEET! Here is original and DUB version... played original on show...

Augusto Pablo - Peace & Love Dub

Easy Star All Stars THRILLAH release!

Playing DUB IT from Easy Star's August release Thrillah Release!

Taken By Trees ~ In Other Words

What a wonderfully mellow and musically lovely album In Other Worlds from Taken By Trees! Check it out sometime and chill with it!

The Disciples - Heartland Dub

a bit of HEARTLAND DUB from the Dubhead Vol.2 collection! THE DISCIPLES on the Dubside of VARIATIONS KBCS 91.3FM

Israel Vibration - 1) Naw Give Up The Dub-Never! 2) Thanks 4 The Dub

Playing THANKS FOR THE DUB, but this little video mix also includes NAW GIVE UP!!the DUB! TUne in to the DUBside of VARIATIONS on KBCS to hear more DUB!

Revolutionaries - Hot Steppers Dub (Stop the Loafin version)


Peculiar Dub - The Abyssinians

starting off DUBSIDE of Variations with the Abyssinians a Peculiar DUB on KBCS 91.3FM!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sounds from the Ground - playing ROLLING THE DICE!

Playing Rolling Dice off the latest by Sounds from the Ground: SFTG News Page

Django Django - Waveforms

New stuff at the station! Dropping this tune for VARIATIONS! RIGHT NOW! DJango DJango! Waveforms on KBCS 91.3FM

Jafu - Add to Cart


YES! playing another track from JaFu's debut release! One-Lined Face -- hectic....

African Head Charge Stone Charge

Request for some African Head Charge dropping the Stone Charge on VARIATIONS at KBCS 91.3FM!  Thanks for listening in!

Second Sky -- Messenger (Melo Moombahton Remix)

Playing original version off the album The Art of Influence! Tune in to KBCS for more unique sounds!

Hundred Waters - Visitor

lukid - link to Soundcloud


 Dropping Southpaw on my radio show VARIATIONS at KBCS 91.3FM KBCS 91.3FM

Click the link above to connect to it! or the KBCS link to connect to the station and links to our LIVE STREAM RIGHT NOW!!!
Synaptic Sidelines 02:

"I don't want unleaded!"  For some reason this ol' Dead Milkman tune popped into my head while reviewing a new album by Oaktown's Nate Brenner aka Naytronix.  His new release is Dirtyglow.  album is not like Dead Milkman but something about his voice reminded me of these guys:

Here's link to Naytronix

Friday, November 9, 2012

Synaptic sideline 01

"Love is lovely and war is ugly.  ya know. Make some love and make no war." - U-Roy from the song Rock the Rhythm off one of my favorite dub albums:
Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy