Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love Trio in Dub feat. U-Roy - Rock the Rhythm

One of many faves on this album! Check it out.

Madutec from WIRED THOUGHTS collection

Dropped the electro dub of Entropy Records with a track from Wired Thoughts by Madutec....DUBBING!! check out more here:

Cyberchump at the dub station!! FREAKOUT!

Love the dubbin' style of this track especially....

Israel Vibration - Top Controlling Dub

Yes Israel Vibration one of the best!!

king tubby & prince jammy - channel one under heavy manners

Gave this into the set of DUBSIDE for VARIATIONS!! on KBCS 91.3FM for 30 more minutes! Tune in!

DUBCLASH return to the controls

Brought back to the controls with some DUBCLASH

Roots Control - Dread Western

Played some of the ROOTS CONTROL!! love this album: 

In Control DUB -- Jah Acid Dub

naw I LOVE this track! Jah Acid Dub creates some excellent dubs...

trippin on eva be

Yeah trippin'!!! on VARIATIONS!! at KBCS 91.3FM

Friday, March 15, 2013

one million MAYBES --- Miss Flint of Neve Naive!

Wonderful tune! Great album by Neve Naive out: The Inner Peace of Cat And Bird! 

Bells - FaltyDL

yeah so I'm into Falty DL!! makes some great remixes too!

Maddslinky - Further Away - Falty DL Remix - feat. Tawiah - Tru Thoughts...

I did play this before eh?? I love it!!  Tawiah is awesome....

Purity Ring - Grandloves

Amazingly beautiful!! I really enjoy listening to Purity Ring!  check this and more out...

new DANDY TERU feat. Count Bass D & Moresounds

Here's a teaser mix of the new album by Dandy Teru...I dropped the track Cloud Catcher feat. Count Bass D & Moresounds!

Ulrich Schnauss - Borrowed Time

Think this is one I keep laying from Ulrich! Love it!  checkit out....

Open Mike Eagle - HSPTL

One of my favorite tunes off this album! Excellent lyrics and sloow groove beat...."thought I was being responsible then they brought me to the hospital...." yeow heavy man heavy reality!

AfroQBen dropped a Dirty Heart on VARIATIONS!!

From AfroQBen a bit of Dirty Heart...check out the album here:

Tijuana Cartel -- Take A trip

Then took the trip with Tijuana Cartel's tune Take a trip from the album M1 - Find out more here: 

Mister Lies - Ludlow

New fave album MISTER LIES! Mowgli --- dropped Ludlow for yo! ;)

Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich _ Unless / Reverse Running @Oval Space London

Then brought you the latest from Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich... REVERSE RUNNING by their aka AMOK!

Stubborn Heart - Penetrate

Started off VARIATIONS tonight with the latest by STUBBORN HEART -- Penetrate! TUNE IN RIGHT NOW! for my live mixing of electronic music selections and DUB at midnight! only on KBCS 91.3fm online! Love to share this musical trippin' with ya!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Toro Y Moi - Never Matter

Toro Y Moi's latest is really growing on my listening ears....Never Matter...

Flume - "Left Alone" Ft. Chet Faker (Official Video)

Totally love FLUME!! Great tracks throughout this album!

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Photon

Such a uniquely stylish bell creation with Pantha du Prince & the Bell Laboratory...

Ulrich Schnauss -- Borrowed Time

some interesting ambient trippin' sounds!! from who none other than ULRICH SCHNAUSS!!! Get some time and listen....

Hectic ambient trip!!


Really likin' the latest from Ian Pooley!! How 'bout you!? ;)

Graham Knox Frazier -- HIT IT!!

Can't stop playing Graham Knox Frazier!! HIT IT!!

FaltyDL - kenny rolls one

Man, FaltyDL is so excellent!!


Such a lovely tune and GREAT album!!

David Starfire - Big Chillum (Trap)

David Starfire!! Intense my friends....BIG CHILLUM!!

Align with Mister Lies ---

Such a crazy trippin' unique album of music!! Check it out and figure out the evolution of electronic music.....

AMBULAUNZ - The Garden

Loving this tune for springtime!! Going to be in THE GARDEN soon!!! ;)

Kaleidescope Jukebox --

And from the creations by Kaleidescope Jukebox: the Unpossible check out their info here:

One Day - Open Mike Eagle

Had to play an Open Mike Eagle track from one of my select Top 10 for 2012: 4nrml hsptl -- CHECK OUT THIS ALBUM... played One Day --
Played latest off Dandy Teru:  ADVENTURES --- dropped the tune: WAKE UP NOW feat. Rita J.  played the Tall Black Guy Remix on KBCS 91.3FM for City Soul Radio!

Money Jungle by Terri Lynne Carrington!

Provocative in Blue! Yeah! New grammy award winning Terri Lynn Carrington's latest...playing the trippin' track: MONEY JUNGLE ---

Hot 8 Brass Band - It's Real (Lack of Afro Remix)

Here's the funky one I'm droppin'!! but check out the rest of Lack of Afro's remix album: OneWay remixes & rarities!!!

Drumagick - Swing Samba - Tru Thoughts Jukebox

Jazzin' up groovin' tune for your dancin' vibe!!! Love it!! playing for City Soul on KBCS 91.3FM RIGHT NOW!!!

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science - Magik feat. Raashan Ahmad, Aima the Dreamer & Cait La Dee (Egyptian Lover Remix)

SUPER FUN Groovin' track from best coast producer J Boogie! And his crew for the Undercover album!! MAGIK!! make ya crazy....

Keep That Music Playin' - The Pimps Of Joytime OFFICIAL VIDEO

Lovin' it!! I'm always trying to keep the music playin'!! YO NW crew these cats are coming to town March 29th!!

Afro Q Ben - Lift Yo Body UP!!

What a great album by Afro-Q-Ben....check it out!  Played Lift Yo Body Up for CITY SOUL RADIO on KBCS 91.3FM

Starting off KBCS City Soul Radio!

Taking the reins tonight for CITY SOUL!! on KBCS 91.3FM ....starting off with this grooving hip hop / rappin' track from Homecut feat. J-Live....TIME DIFFERENCE...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

the DUB CONNECTION!! Dub Vibrations

The last three tracks for DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS were taken from downloads at DUB CONNECTION:

Seek and you will find the DUB!!!

Tracks played on the show:

Shaky Norman meets Jahporsa Allstars - Gift of Melodica Roots ista Posse Remix
Mystical Warrior - Higher Heights
A Man Called PJ - New limit Dub

Check out more DUB TUNES!!!

King Tubby & Friends - Everybody Needs Dub - Horn For I

King Tubby!! Early circuit bending dub stylist!! AMAZING influence on the evolution of dub and electronic music!!!

Augustus Pablo - Bass & Drum Version

quick double set of AP with BASS AND DRUM VERSION!!! DUB!!

Augustus Pablo - Keep On Dubbing

LOVE the unique sounds Augustus Pablo brought to DUB!! Keep on DUBBING!!

Clinton Fearon - Peace of Mind

One of my ultimate fave dubs from Clinton Fearon! Get your peace of mind!

Cornell Campbell & Daddy U-Roy - Babylon You Wrong / Dubwise

Righteous sounds!

Culture in DUB - Skillful DUB

One of the stylin'est dub styles: CULTURE IN DUB a Skillful Dub:

Vital DUB by Dub Lounge International feat. Winston Jarrett

Love this tune! much respects to all the Dub Lounge dubbers and Winston Jarrett!

Pablo Moses , A Trick Dub.wmv

One of the BEST!!! Pablo Moses!

Easy Star All-Stars - Thrillah - Full Album

Dropped CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT to start off DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS!! yeah! fun!

Kali - Distorted Frequency from Phucked Recordings!

LOVIN' this bassy dubstep style! Played Distorted Frequency for the show tonight!

Ulrich Schnauss - Borrowed Time

Trippin' creations from this talented electronic producer...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ancient Astronaut by Second Culture

Like this song (and a few others) from this interesting album!

Blue Foundation - Just a Hand (Secai Remix)

yeah I like this version! Interesting stuff on this album too!! check it out sometime!

Mister Lies - "Dionysian" (Official Music Video)

EXCELLENT Tune! this album has some real unique qualities for electronic music! NICE!

GoldRush - Loaded Silence

Possible 2013 top 10 for this year!! I love finding awesome stuff earlier in the year! Love this artist and album!! Coolness!

David Starfire - Indian Summer

Something about David Starfire I totally enjoy! Intense global electronic ?/ Take a listen and you find out....


YEAH! excellent tune mixin' electro and tropical style!

OF light from the latest by Kaleidoscope Jukebox

played an illuminating tune from Kaleidoscope Jukebox off their newest Infinite Reflection! Check out more here:

STYLSS: Suicide Pact ONE

Unique finds online  --- STYLSS Label!! dropped the Nobi_4 track YUGEN.  Here's link to album mix and free download!

Ambulaunz!! Latest from In Waves -"Hypnotq"

Latest by Ambulaunz...and a free link to download this track!!

Ian Pooley - Swing Mode

3rd track for tonight's VARIATIONS from Ian Pooley's latest...What I do..."Swing MODE" excellent dancin' grooves on the album!

FaltyDL - Korben Dallas

Falty DL amazing sounds from this producer!! EXCELLENT!


VARIATIONS begins!! 11pm to 1am on KBCS 91.3FM ONLINE!! TUNE IN either way I'm mixing it up for you on the electronic and dub at midnight RIGHT NOW !!! YO!!! ;)

Started off with IT BEGINS! From the latest Big Chill of GRAHAM KNOX FRAZIER:

Alice Russell - Feeling Good (Nina Simone / Quantic Soul Orchestra) (Live)

Yeah! Excellent version by Alice and the Quantic Soul Orchestra!!

Deep Cotton - We're Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out (Clean V...

YEAH you've heard this on those ads! BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! We are far enough from heaven so FREAK OUT!!

Janelle Monáe - "Wondaland"

Love the WONDALAND from Janelle Monae!

Duffin' Around - The New Mastersounds

Yeah found this LIVE version from the Saint Paul Soul Jazz Festival!! NICE!!

The Meters - Funky Miracle

and always love the Meters!!  FUNKY MIRACLE!

Johnny Trio Lewis - Cissy Strut [Live].wmv

Nice find on youtube, but no visuals  HEY it's about the music anyway and the funk is what I play tonight til 9pm on KBCS 91.3FM!!
from the Jamaica to Toronto collection:
BOB & Wisdom "I believe in music" played for the funk:

The Boris Gardiner Happening - Ghetto Funk

and what excellent organ and funk vibe on this tune!! Love it!

Cowboys to girls / The Intruders

Love this clip and track Tali re-introduced to me over the last few days!! Ahh the Intruders!!

Nakia - Dream Big (Live)

HECK!! Man get in the soul funk groove!!! Nice new funk from Nakia!

The Main Ingredients - Happiness is just around the bend

LOVE this tune!! yeah! Happiness is just around the bend!

Yeah Sista Strut with Chester 'CT' Thompson

Yeow! just played sista strut from this new release by Chester 'CT' Thompson!

Jeannie Tracy - Trippin On The Sounds

YEAH!! Trippin' on the sound!

Give it up or turn it loose - James Brown - HQ

ALWAYS LOVE JAMES BROWN!!!  Give it up or Turn it loose!

You Can't Fight The FUNK!!!

And here's a bit of DOCTOR FUNK!!

Geater Davis "My Love Is So Strong For You"

Wonderful tune from late infamously great GEATER DAVIS!!

No Matter Where I Am - Jesse Dee @ The Capitol Theatre 9-19-12

Great track from Jesse DEE!! played it for Uncle Meghabuti presents!!! on KBCS 91.3FM

new stuff from Aaron Neville of classic sounds...

then played Aaron Neville's latest My True Story - his version Under the Boardwalk

james hunter 2011" let the monkey ride "

Here's the live version (to avoid those ads eh?)  Funky tune from James Hunter

Funky vibe wtih a Solar FUNK!

And then the groovin' track SOLAR FUNK from Spirit Level!! off best of Cookin'

Flow Dynamics - Bossa For Bebo (Lack Of Afro Remix) [Freestyle Records]

and brought in this one from FLOW DYNAMICS remixed by Lack of Afro!

Pimpin' Music with the Pimps of Joytime!

Love the Pimps of Joytime!! Here's a bit of their PIMPIN' MUSIC!!


and one of my faves...MAGNUM!!! Fully Loaded! A bit of FUNKY JUNKY!

barbara lynn mellow feeling pt1

and YES!! a wonderful mellow feeling with Barbara Lynn!

George Clinton Never Gonna Give you Up feat El Debarge

then hit ya'll with the love groovin' George Clinton & Gangstas of Love feat. El Debarge

Garry "Starrchild" Shider plays guitar in Funkscribe's basement

then brought a bit of FUNKSCRIBE & Starchild into the mix!

FUNK FRIDAY!! Uncle Meghabuti Presents on KBCS

Covering for Antoine da Funkscribe tonight for Uncle Meghabuti Presents on KBCS 91.3FM

Started off with the Parliament's Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication launching with the power of the Mothership Connection!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

ISRAEL VIBRATION - Licks and Kicks Dubwise

Closed out the dubside with this track!! THANKS FOR LISTENING IN AND SUPPORTING COMMUNITY RADIO! on KBCS 91.3FM


Brought one of my favorite tunes outta the BOOM ONE Record label!
LOVE Cultivation and Dub cultivation!!  Played the DUB last night on KBCS 91.3FM for DUBSIDE of Variations!! LOVE IT!

Bunny Wailer - Roots Radics Rockers Dub Dub Disco Vol 1 LP - Dubiwse Sel...

Bunny Wailer in DUB!

The Congos - Bring the Mackaback

Tremendous roots vibe and dub style from the CONGOS!!! Played on the DUBSide of VARIATIONS on KBCS 91.3FM Fridays to Saturday 12mid!!  the main dub attraction!!
Played the roots rastafari style of ONENESS last night on VARIATIONS at KBCS 91.3!! Hyped about Israel Vibration

Israel Vibration - Poor Man Dub

IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND!! Had to play some on the DUBSIDE of Variations!

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself [A Smokeyroom Dub Collection]

Bringing the stony dub to the DUBside of VARIATIONS on KBCS 91.3FM every Friday night / Saturday dawn!!

dreams of freedom tribute bob marley

Mixed in dreams of freedom tribute bob marley ONE LOVE for the DUBSIDE! on KBCS 91.3FM

MANUDUB: dub specialist! Mixed in System dub for VARIATIONS

MANUDUB creates some sweet dub mixes! Laid out the SYSTEM DUB for Dubside Mix

Enjoyed the dub from REVOLUTIONARY DUB collection:

The Orb Feat Scratch Perry - H. O. O. / Man In The Moon

ENJOY this collaboration of the Orb and Lee "Scratch" Perry  FLY FLY to the MAN IN THE MOON!

Jah Warrior - Showcase Vol. 2 - 06 - Anthony Johnson - Give A Helping Dub

Always droppin' this track during a KBCS fund drive! Give a Helping Hand DUB!

Dubblestandart - Heavy Heavy Monster Dub (Dreadzone Remix)

Started off the DUBSide of VARIATIONS with this excellent electro dub!

OSIRIS Indriya mixing up a special selections...

on KBCS 91.3FM for VARIATIONs last night!

Check out more of his music and info also at:

CORAL - Moving Earth EP

Part of the mix last night was a drop from Osiris of CORAL - Moving Earth.

Dahan & John - Stone Cold (Perfect Stranger Remix)

In Osiris' mix last night on VARIATIONS 91.3fm KBCS 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tonight VARIATIONS on KBCS feat. Osiris Indriya 11pm

TONIGHT 11pm KBCS 91.3FM  VARIATIONS! Guest artist Osiris Indriya  Winter Drive! LISTEN/SUPPORT!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

DUB SYNDICATE feat. PRINCE FAR I - Wadada (Means Love) [+ Pt.2]

WADADA MEANS LOVE!!! Love to all the listeners and supporters of KBSC 91.3FM!! Make that contribution and help support great programming and YOUR COMMUNITY!! Call in this week or go on line Thanks for listening in and being a part of your community radio station KBCS!

Groundation Dub Wars - Elements

One of the many fave tracks off this excellent DUB album by Groundation!!
This is beautiful dub vibrations from reggae dub respect Harrison of GROUNDATION Sending out DUB!!

From Israel DUB by the Israel Vibrations: The Same Dub
info here:

Israel Vibration - Unconquered People - 01 - Give I Grace

FROM Unconquered People.  Dropped the DUB version on vinyl for the show VARIATIONS DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS!!! on KBCS 91.3FM
From Midnite Fifth Son: Dub Make Up Dub off the STANDING GROUND DUB album --- check more info and releases here;

Cornel & the Brentford Rockers - Natty Rub A Dub

Yeah classic rootsin' dub!
Peace Man DUB from one of my fav dub producers GUSSIE P!! check info and link here:

The Abyssinians -Y Mas Gan Dub

This harmonizing trio totally changed my energy with reggae dub music to a spirit of passion for this vibe!! LIVE I the DUB!!!

Aston Family Man - Pleasing Dub

Here's Pleasing DUB but if you're tuned into the DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS you would have heard Y Mas Gan Tribute DUB!!!  NICE

Ja-Man All Stars - In The Dub Zone - 12 - Weak Heart Drop

Ja Man All Stars create some excellent DUB!! Get in the DUB ZONE with them...played this tune for DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS!!

Eek-A-Mouse Meets Dub Presidents - 4 Love

Yeow I love this track!!!
Pulled from Reggae Stones Dub -- Back to Me Dub!! love the AGGROVATORS!!!

MIXMAN / HORACE ANDY - 2 x Seek & You Will Find dubs - reggae dub roots...

OOOoooo! Here's a nice link to the selection I dropped during DUBSIDE!! of VARIATIONS!

Ticklah - Nature Loving Dub

Yes respect the nature loving vibe!! starting off DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS with this lovely tune!
Dropped IT BEGINS from Knox's latest release:

Played Dan Electro's LEAD ME ON  from Soulab's BACK AGAIN collection:  here's more of their info:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Droppin' remix of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel from SOULEANCE!! excellent soul tech creator!!