Saturday, February 23, 2013

ISRAEL VIBRATION - Licks and Kicks Dubwise

Closed out the dubside with this track!! THANKS FOR LISTENING IN AND SUPPORTING COMMUNITY RADIO! on KBCS 91.3FM


Brought one of my favorite tunes outta the BOOM ONE Record label!
LOVE Cultivation and Dub cultivation!!  Played the DUB last night on KBCS 91.3FM for DUBSIDE of Variations!! LOVE IT!

Bunny Wailer - Roots Radics Rockers Dub Dub Disco Vol 1 LP - Dubiwse Sel...

Bunny Wailer in DUB!

The Congos - Bring the Mackaback

Tremendous roots vibe and dub style from the CONGOS!!! Played on the DUBSide of VARIATIONS on KBCS 91.3FM Fridays to Saturday 12mid!!  the main dub attraction!!
Played the roots rastafari style of ONENESS last night on VARIATIONS at KBCS 91.3!! Hyped about Israel Vibration

Israel Vibration - Poor Man Dub

IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND!! Had to play some on the DUBSIDE of Variations!

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself [A Smokeyroom Dub Collection]

Bringing the stony dub to the DUBside of VARIATIONS on KBCS 91.3FM every Friday night / Saturday dawn!!

dreams of freedom tribute bob marley

Mixed in dreams of freedom tribute bob marley ONE LOVE for the DUBSIDE! on KBCS 91.3FM

MANUDUB: dub specialist! Mixed in System dub for VARIATIONS

MANUDUB creates some sweet dub mixes! Laid out the SYSTEM DUB for Dubside Mix

Enjoyed the dub from REVOLUTIONARY DUB collection:

The Orb Feat Scratch Perry - H. O. O. / Man In The Moon

ENJOY this collaboration of the Orb and Lee "Scratch" Perry  FLY FLY to the MAN IN THE MOON!

Jah Warrior - Showcase Vol. 2 - 06 - Anthony Johnson - Give A Helping Dub

Always droppin' this track during a KBCS fund drive! Give a Helping Hand DUB!

Dubblestandart - Heavy Heavy Monster Dub (Dreadzone Remix)

Started off the DUBSide of VARIATIONS with this excellent electro dub!

OSIRIS Indriya mixing up a special selections...

on KBCS 91.3FM for VARIATIONs last night!

Check out more of his music and info also at:

CORAL - Moving Earth EP

Part of the mix last night was a drop from Osiris of CORAL - Moving Earth.

Dahan & John - Stone Cold (Perfect Stranger Remix)

In Osiris' mix last night on VARIATIONS 91.3fm KBCS 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tonight VARIATIONS on KBCS feat. Osiris Indriya 11pm

TONIGHT 11pm KBCS 91.3FM  VARIATIONS! Guest artist Osiris Indriya  Winter Drive! LISTEN/SUPPORT!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

DUB SYNDICATE feat. PRINCE FAR I - Wadada (Means Love) [+ Pt.2]

WADADA MEANS LOVE!!! Love to all the listeners and supporters of KBSC 91.3FM!! Make that contribution and help support great programming and YOUR COMMUNITY!! Call in this week or go on line Thanks for listening in and being a part of your community radio station KBCS!

Groundation Dub Wars - Elements

One of the many fave tracks off this excellent DUB album by Groundation!!
This is beautiful dub vibrations from reggae dub respect Harrison of GROUNDATION Sending out DUB!!

From Israel DUB by the Israel Vibrations: The Same Dub
info here:

Israel Vibration - Unconquered People - 01 - Give I Grace

FROM Unconquered People.  Dropped the DUB version on vinyl for the show VARIATIONS DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS!!! on KBCS 91.3FM
From Midnite Fifth Son: Dub Make Up Dub off the STANDING GROUND DUB album --- check more info and releases here;

Cornel & the Brentford Rockers - Natty Rub A Dub

Yeah classic rootsin' dub!
Peace Man DUB from one of my fav dub producers GUSSIE P!! check info and link here:

The Abyssinians -Y Mas Gan Dub

This harmonizing trio totally changed my energy with reggae dub music to a spirit of passion for this vibe!! LIVE I the DUB!!!

Aston Family Man - Pleasing Dub

Here's Pleasing DUB but if you're tuned into the DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS you would have heard Y Mas Gan Tribute DUB!!!  NICE

Ja-Man All Stars - In The Dub Zone - 12 - Weak Heart Drop

Ja Man All Stars create some excellent DUB!! Get in the DUB ZONE with them...played this tune for DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS!!

Eek-A-Mouse Meets Dub Presidents - 4 Love

Yeow I love this track!!!
Pulled from Reggae Stones Dub -- Back to Me Dub!! love the AGGROVATORS!!!

MIXMAN / HORACE ANDY - 2 x Seek & You Will Find dubs - reggae dub roots...

OOOoooo! Here's a nice link to the selection I dropped during DUBSIDE!! of VARIATIONS!

Ticklah - Nature Loving Dub

Yes respect the nature loving vibe!! starting off DUBSIDE of VARIATIONS with this lovely tune!
Dropped IT BEGINS from Knox's latest release:

Played Dan Electro's LEAD ME ON  from Soulab's BACK AGAIN collection:  here's more of their info:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Droppin' remix of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel from SOULEANCE!! excellent soul tech creator!!

DJ Sun -- Break Remix feat. Meghan Hendley

Nice chillin' groove tune! Sun is shining BREAK!! excellent!

DJ Sun -- Break Remix feat. Meghan Hendley

Beautiful tune!! feat. Roy Ayers... Love it! Coming to Seattle March 29th!!

Aligning Minds: My Heart is Love

Lots loving this tune and album!! Good stuff...
My Heart is Love (refix feat. Robert Manos)

Jafu is excellent minimal dubstep style! Played Pineal from his release Add to Cart but check out this link for more of his creations and remixes!! NICE!

GoldRush -- Third Omen

Wonderful minimal break bassin' dub electro!! Cool album to download at "pay what you want" prices.  Check this out and other stuff from Gravitas Recordings!! Excellent!!

GoldRush -- Third Omen

Second Culture: Ancient Astronauts

Trippin' jetpack tune for the astronauts of ancient time traveling! Playing this on KBCS right now for VARIATIONS tune in and help out during our Fundraising drive by making a contribution online or call in!!
425 564-2424

Ambulaunz - Flying

Some wonderful sounds coming from this latest release by Ambulaunz.  Love FLYING!!!

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Photon

This is my favorite tune off the Bell Laboratory and Pantha Du Prince release "Elements of Light"  intriguing creation of sound!!

Mobius Streak

Awesome tune off this excellent album! Starting VARIATIONS tonight with a Mobius STREAK!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Incredible Edible Todmorden

"Incredible about people leading a more sustainable lifestyle and the whole aim of it is a kinder world."

"I really think we might have revolution on our hands. This is a people's movement. You don't have to have any particular qualifications.  You just have to give a damn about tomorrow."

Go grow! Learn to share and support local resources.
Turn those empty spaces into grow spaces!
Food is around us if we just plant a seed and give a damn about tomorrow!

STONE Run it Red -- English DUB (CULTURE?!)

Run it Red to close out the DUBSIDE!! Stone....

Impact Allstars - Dubwise & Otherwise Vol 2 - 03 - Easy Come Dub

Plenty of wonderful dubs from the IMPACT ALL STARS....

Dub Echoe's THEME!!

Bass crackin' dub style!! YEOWW LOVE IT!!

New inspiration from Black Uhuru...Mind's Eye Dub! Dubbing out a new album! FREE to DOWNLOAD!

King Tubby and Friends - Dub Like Dirt - 09 - How Long Dub

How long....infinity!!  DUB DUB DUB!!! from dub like dirt KING TUBBY How Long DUB!!

Dennis Brown - JAM Down

Come on JAM DOWN!! with Dennis Brown in DUB!!

Israel Vibration - Dubbin in the sunshine

Yes what a wonderful day!! in the SUNSHINE DUBBING!!

Israel Vibrations - Hope Springs Eternal

From DUB COMBO!! Israel Vibration!--Hope Springs Eternal  found info here:

Black Uhuru - Positively dub

YES I positive! Positively DUB!

Lee scratch perry Vibrate on!

Trick It! Master mix man Lee Scratch Perry!!! VIBRATE ON!!

Natives Adventures with Lee Perry at the black ark - Meet Mr Nobody

This album is an amazing listening experience throughout!! Vibe in rootsy good style and check this one through your sound system.

Serge Gainsbourg - Aux Armes Et Cetera DUB REFIX

Man DUBs by Serge Gainsbourg. You should check this out!! if you already have not>....

Football Dub by DUBCHEK

Here's info on Dubchek:

played FOOTBALL DUB for this weekend eh!!?? ;)

Dubmatix - Ichense Dub

Excellent Dubs from DUBMATIX!!!

Toddla T - Fly

Bassin' groove dub!! Starting off the Dubside of VARIATIONS on KBCS 91.3FM

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weeping Willow - Aligning Minds [My Heart Is Love Album out on Gravitas ...

Beautiful tune to close out the first hour of VARIATIONS on KBCS 91.3FM RIGHT NOW flippin' to the DUB SIDE!!

Calamalka - 11 - Shout Outs (Official Audio)

Shout outs to all y'all!!
Lovin' this track!

Banderas : Mogomake feat. Bouloukou (Lack Of Afro Remix)

Lack of Afro has some cool funky creations going on!!!
Enjoying the stuff coming from Saturate Records!

Brian Eno / Rick Holland: glitch

oddly I wanted to hear this! crazy glitch....

Soft Wasp: It Starts Now!

Now I shared it! with a glitch in the system happening.....

Archetek - Downfall

LOVE Archetek!
New from Falty DL! off Hard Courage

+Verb & Bleep Bloop - Opulence

Always amazing stuff coming from these creators of electronic magic!

Maddslinky - Further Away - Falty DL Remix - feat. Tawiah - Tru Thoughts...

Yeah further away ayyyyy......

The Digital Connection: Stasis - Frequency

Yeah new stuff from Gravitas and The Digital Connection

Bass Clef - Clapton Deep

Dang and was into hearing some BASS CLEF bit o' Clapton Deep!

Flume- Warm Thoughts

Starting off VARIATIONS with FLUME's Warm Thoughts...keeping it cozy...91.3FM